Started in 2014 as a hobby for finding inexpensive and authentic items by a thrifty, entrepreneur-minded mommy, a simple social media page is now a growing business.

the mypab story

In 2014, a soon-to-be mother started looking for baby items. Due to tight budget, mall-priced item is not an option. So she decided to browse social media platforms for online sellers that might offer her a reasonable price.

She joined social media groups and browsed through the many post of a thrifty mommies. Fortunately, a friend of her husband offered baby items that are reasonable in price compared to the ones that are bought in malls. She was ecstatic.

Months past and while waiting for her due date, boredom struck her. She thought, why not sell items online just like her friend. So she opened a social media page and started selling affordable, natural, eco-friendly and ethically-made products.

Because we love, treasure and treat our soon-to-be baby girl a God's given angel, she named her business, My Precious Angels' Boutique.

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